Time Lord’s Top 10 Prog Albums of 2019 . . . The Life You Save, is a short but stunning concept album with a highly compelling story about physical and spiritual abuse. Its high impact hard rock is established with perfect guitar riffs and a Southern metal idiom. . . . the definitive articulation here is the undeniable power of rock and roll within the economy of real salvation. — Top 10 Prog Albums of 2019, Progarchy

The Life You Save is a genre-defining album, displaying a marvellous blend of experimentation, songwriting expertise, and plain rocking.” — Metal Horizons

The Life You Save . . . has potential to be one of the best releases to come out in 2019. . . . one of those rare musical efforts that manage to sound like very little else. With derivative acts a dime a dozen on the current music scene, listening to such an album can be an exhilarating experience.” — Rocking Charts

“[The concept] sounds crazy, but . . . it works. Musically, it is reasonably diverse.  You can hear quite a few nods to other artists including The Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Kansas and Rush.” — Tom Cornell, Decibel Geek

“The riffs are melodic and heavy, guitar solos are executed flawlessly. The term ‘virtuosity’ has been a synonym for progressive rock for a while, but this release is focused on melody over the technicality.” — Progstravaganza

The Life You Save is an affair that is always interesting and spell-binding . . . the music grabs, holds, and doesn’t let go.” — Path to Babylon

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